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To contact the studio directly, please find the number below. Our studio is located in Toronto, Canada and can be reached at 1(647) 444-7508.

To contact us via email, fill in the form or write to us at




Toronto, ON,

(647) 444 7508

Toronto based design studio specializing in custom hand knotted rugs and home accessories. 


We are proud partners of the GoodWeave network. GoodWeave International (GWI) is an international nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the rug industry and offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities. By partnering with GoodWeave we ensure all of our rugs are made by highly skilled adult artisan weavers.   Look for the label on each of our rugs, cushions, and accessories.

GoodWeave members include some of the world’s finest designers of handmade rugs. They represent all components of the carpet industry in Nepal, India, and Afganistan including manufacturers, importers, exporters, retailers and consumers. GoodWeave is funded by a variety of sources and is free from influence by any particular industry segment or individual government.

GoodWeave founder Mr. Satyarthi was co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition for his contribution to children's rights and his activism against child labour.  For more information on GoodWeave please follow this link below.