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To contact the studio directly, please find the number below. Our studio is located in Toronto, Canada and can be reached at 1(647) 444-7508.

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Toronto, ON,

(647) 444 7508

Toronto based design studio specializing in custom hand knotted rugs and home accessories. 

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Our hand knotted rugs are made in India and Nepal. Each rug is made to order by our weavers who specialize in the continuous Tibetan knot. Together we create fine quality custom rugs.

We choose Hand knotting for our bespoke rugs because of the ability to create high quality rugs with complex designs. A traditional weaving technique going back hundreds of years, the continuous Tibetan knot is selected by our weavers to achieve the highest possible detail from the wool, boasting a minimum of 100 knots per inch in each design. 

On the back of a hand knotted rug, each knot looks like a pixel. The higher number of knots per inch, the more pixels in the image, and the finer the detail that can be included in the design.

Each rug has slight differences that only hand made rugs can achieve. In hand knotted rugs you will see the most subtle striations of colour as the hand-dyed wool is woven across the design.  When your new rug arrives it will appear to be slightly striped where all the new knots were woven. Over time the rug will settle, hand carving and pile variations will appreciate, and the design will take shape. If at first your rug casts a little, this is normal. The hand carved fibres are still attached and edges where the rug was trimmed.



First the artwork is turned into a cartoon, and blocked out by colour.  We hand select wool colour poms from our collection of nearly 700 colours, choosing a palette for the design.

Finished cartoons are sent to our master weaver for consultation and the wool is batch dyed to match our chosen colours.

Upon the weaving completion, each rug is trimmed and carved by hand with shears, before being stretched, washed, and inspected by the master weaver at our workshop outside Kathmandu and shipped to Toronto.



We can work with your colour story to create something truly unique for your home. Our colours come in wool poms that use a unique AZO free Swiss dye system to create bright, long lasting colours.

Hand knotted rugs are beautiful heirloom pieces that can last for generations. A hand knotted rug is very light and can be used either on the floor or as a wall hanging.